Apple signs up ‘dozen more banks’ for Apple Pay

Apple still working on bringing a large number of the popular banks to support its Apple Pay feature that was introduced in the last few months. The company has just announced that it has signed "dozen more banks" for Apple Pay.

The list of companies that have recently joined Apple Pay include SunTrust, Barclaycard and USAA. More than ten new banks have also signed up for Apple Pay and will start supporting the service from today. This includes banks like TD Bank North America and Commerce Bank. Apple says that with the addition of its latest partners, it now supports all the credit cards that account for nearly 90% of the the transactions in the United States.

Apple Pay has been a runaway success for the Cupertino based company. Google, Verizon and other carriers in the United States have been offering their own mobile payment service since a few years but none of them managed to make mobile payments as mainstream, simple and secure as Apple has managed to do.

[Via The New York Times]


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