AnyDrop 3: share any file via AirDrop on iOS 8

Developer Majd Alfhaily is back with a new iOS 8-ready version of AnyDrop, the jailbreak app that allows you to share any file via the built-in AirDrop feature on iOS 8. Entitled AnyDrop 3, this latest version of the app supports both iOS 7 and iOS 8 out of the box. If you’re interested in unleashing AirDrop, making it compatible with native file system files and even Music app tracks, then AnyDrop 3 is a jailbreak app that’s worth investigating.

Compared to its predecessor, AnyDrop 3 now allows you to directly share certain types of files when you’re inside a supported app such as the Music app without requiring you to do it from the tweak’s standalone app.

After installing it on your iPhone, open the app from your iPhone's home screen. The AnyDrop 3 interface is basically an iFile-like interface, meaning that you can browse the entire native root file system in search of files that you wish to share.

Once you stumble upon a file that you want to send to another device, simply tap the blue ‘i’ button next to the file, and the Share sheet will slide into view. Any AirDrop devices that are nearby will automatically appear, and a simple tap on the desired AirDrop destination will cause the file to be sent.

AnyDrop 3 also contains a few other notable features like YouTube support and the ability to send DRM-less music files directly from the Music app. Don’t get too happy though, only music that has been manually synced via desktop iTunes is eligible to be sent.

AnyDrop 3 is a legitimate jailbreak app that truly empowers AirDrop users. If you use your iPhone’s native file structure on a regular basis, then it’s a no brainer for getting more out of the AirDrop technology. You can find AnyDrop 3 for $2.49 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. If you’re an AnyDrop 2 customer already, then AnyDrop 3 is a $0.99 upgrade. If you purchased AnyDrop 2 within the last month, the upgrade is absolutely free.

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