8% Run Out of Storage Space Daily, Survey Says

How often do you run out of storage space on your iPhone or iPad? A survey made by the folks behind the IceCream camera app, 91% of the users in the U.K. have bought an iPhone with 16GB or less internal storage. The survey comprised of iPhone users on the O2 network in the United Kingdom.

The survey included the current-gen iPhone 6 as well as the previous generation models, including the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The survey also suggests that at least 8% of the users run out of space on their iPhones on a daily basis, while 12% face the issue on a weekly basis. The survey data also reveals that 41% of users have more than 500 photos on their iPhone that can easily occupy more than 1GB of storage space on the device.

16GB of storage space was adequate when the iPhone first launched, but over the years, the size of games and apps has increased drastically. iOS is also getting heavier with every passing release, and installing the iOS 8 update via OTA itself required users to have at least 4.5GB of free storage space.
Apple has traditionally offered its iPhone and iPad with 16, 32 and 64GB of storage space. This year though, it removed the 32GB offering and replaced it with the 64GB model, and introduced a new 128GB variant as well. Nevertheless, the base iPhone 6, 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 models still have only 16GB of storage space with only around 13GB of free space out of the box. This is clearly insufficient in this day and age, especially since most users have at least 500 or more photos on their device at any point, as pointed out by the survey.

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[Via Business Insider]


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