Watchboard brings the Apple Watch UI to your iPhone

In the last few weeks we've seen a tweak called Aeternum which brings Apple watch UI to your jailbroken iOS device. WatchBoard jailbreak tweak may look a little familiar. While it gives you the same type of Apple Watch interface, it does have some different independent features to check out.

Watchboard is a new tweak from Aaron Ash, the developer of Barrel, that brings the Apple Watch user interface to your iPhone or iPad.

Watchboard is a full homescreen replacement, inspired by the Apple Watch icon layout. It is incredibly smooth, even with hundreds of icons. The icons are completely rearrangeable, making it easy to place them in groups or even design images out of your icon placement. The entire interface is zoomable, so you can get a bird's eye view over all of your apps, or zoom in to see the details of each icon.

A nice added feature to the Watchboard is the ability to change the spacing of the icons on the springboard. For the extreme, you can get them basically right on top of each other or incredibly far apart. My spacing is just a little bit less than half way. I find that looks the best for my taste.

Features:● Works in portrait and landscape orientation, if your device supports it
● Ability to adjust the icon spacing
● Choose between circle icons or Apple’s rectangular style
● Show or hide the icon labels
● Smoothly zoom in or out to the distance you want
● Easily change between Watchboard or Apple’s home screen with the flip of a switch
● Is extremely CPU efficient, works well with lots of icons
● Works on iPad!
● No DRM!! Purchase once and install Watchboard on all of your personal devices

Check out WatchBoard in action: 

WatchBoard on iPad:

Watchboard options can be configured from Settings. You can purchase the tweak from the Cydia Store for $3.99.


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