UntetheredHeySiri: Use Hey Siri without needing a power connection

Apple added a really useful feature to Siri, that lets you activate it hands-free just by saying “Hey Siri.” The feature sadly works only when your device is plugged in. A new jailbreak tweak by well-known developer Hamza Sood called UntetheredHeySiri removes this restriction of being plugged in, and lets you use “Hey Siri” hands free activation all the time. So you’ll be able to activate Siri without pressing the home button, even when you aren’t plugged in.

After you install UntetheredHeySiri, which is free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo, you won’t find a preference panel in the normal root location of the stock Settings app. Instead, Sood has opted for a more sensible integration within Siri’s Settings.

To access the UntetheredHeySiri settings, go to Settings → General → Siri, and enable the Allow “Hey Siri” switch. Then, you’ll see two new options: While Charging and Always.

The While Charging option is stock Hey Siri functionality, meaning it’ll require a power connection before Siri will listen for your command. The other option, Always, will make Hey Siri work with a power connection or without a power connection. Siri will essentially be always listening with the Always option enabled.

What do you think guys ?


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