Top Winterboard Themes For iOS 8

With iOS 8 untethered jailbreak here and with WinterBoard tweak here, I think everything is ready and iOS 8 users probably looking for the best WinterBoard themes that released or update to support iOS 8.. So right now we've got a list of nicely designed WinterBoard themes for iOS 8 that you really should check them out..

So shall we start ?

1) Soft for iOS 8- $2
One of my favourite themes that I used in iOS 7, Soft theme finally updated to support iOS 8 and it works with all devices except iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+. We are sure it will receive a new update soon, but you can follow our guide which allows you to install any WinterBoard theme even it if it doesn't yet support your device...

2) Andora- $2
This is another great new theme that has a nice and soft look. It has some similarities to M’Flat in which is has a faint picture in the background on a lot of the icons. I think this theme could be in my main rotation on my daily driver.

3) Aelon for iOS 8- $1.99
If you love the transparent and clean themes, then I recommend you to try Aelon theme as it gives you a very clean looking device with its very uniform transparent icons and white glyphs. Simplicity is the key word here and I have to say that I’m a fan.

3) 0bscure 7 – $0.99

If you love black themes with a simple look, then you should try obscure 7. It’s done really well if pitch black icons and a white glyph for contrast. It has decent icon support, but for icons that it doesn’t theme, they will stick out like a sore thumb.

4) Enlightened iOS 8 – Free
This is straight up glyphs. There is no icon background like you see on most themes (except on folders). I’ve see some very nice setups with glyph only themes and they look really nice. This theme has really great icon support as well, so most of your icons should be themed when you install this free theme.

5) Fizz- $1.50

Fizz is a new them for iOS 8 that brings a familiar rounded look. It reminds me of the “squircle” mask that you could get with a previous iOS 7 theme. This theme has very soft muted colors and is also very simple and clean. Icon support isn’t too bad and overall a great theme.

6) Ace N iOS 8 – $1.99

Ace N is an updated theme that has a very distinctive look. The nice thing about this theme is that even if some of your icons aren’t themed, they are still masked to match the rest of the theme. If you’re into bright colors with a unique icon mask, then definitely check this theme out.

What do you think ? Which one is your favourite one ? Share your thoughts in our comment section below..


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