This Upcoming Hack Will Allow You To Use iPad or iPhone as a CarPlay system

When Apple released iOS 7.1 the company introduced CarPlay feature, a feature for iOS devices to be paired with in-car entertainment systems. A new hack by well known developer Adam Bell will let you use your iPhone or iPad as a CarPlay system, without the need for an external display.

From Bell:
CarPlay typically requires you to have:
a) a car

b) a car that supports CarPlay
However, said car systems are usually terrible (with crappy resistive touch screens), and I personally just want to have an iPad installed into my car’s dashboard. So a current side-project of mine is to port the CarPlay system to just run on top of / replace SpringBoard
A video posted by Adam Bell (@insta_b3ll) on

For Science™
— Adam Bell (@b3ll) November 27, 2014

Also for Science™ CarPlay "running" on an iPhone 6
— Adam Bell (@b3ll) November 27, 2014

WOO Got CarPlay maps working over AirPlay!
— Adam Bell (@b3ll) November 28, 2014

For fun, Bell managed to run Cydia alongside CarPlay as well:

Cydia + CarPlay o/
— Adam Bell (@b3ll) November 27, 2014
Bell notes that this will soon available on Cydia as a free tweak, and the source code is already up, for developers who are interesting in taking a peek inside the project. As he writes, although there may be cheaper CarPlay systems available on the market, most of them feature resistive touch screens, while the iPad, starting at $249, features a much better capacitive touch screen.

So what do you think ? It would be a great thing to use your iPad or iPhone as a CarPlay system, right ? 


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