This iPhone 7 concepts feature bezel-less design and full-screen display

Most of us probably seen Apple's new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, both of them coming with an all-new design, curved edges and more great things. Today popular designer Martin Hajek decided to create a new concept mockups of how Apple could evolve the iPhone 6’s design for the next-generation iPhone 7.

To reduce the bezels, Hajek has moved the speaker at the top, and has got rid of all extra space at the top and bottom of the home bottom.
iPhone 6 (left), iPhone 7 concept (right)

The most interesting part in this concept is there is no bezels at all which gives it a great and nice look.

Hajek’s next set of concepts explores the possibility of the iPhone 7’s display taking up the entire front panel. The home button would remain as it is, but the area around it would be used for Control Center toggles:

Here’s a comparison of the two concepts, along with the iPhone 6:
What do you think ? Would you like to see such iPhone between your hands or not ? Share your thoughts in our comment section below..

[via Business Insider]


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