This App Tells You When You Will Die

See, App Store is full of funny and scary apps, that's what I call them 'mixed apps'. If you wan to know the exact day you'll die, then there is an app for that. Deadline is a new application that aims at predicting the exact date you will die. After giving it access to your health and fitness data by allowing it to tap into the Health app. Alternatively, if like me you barely have any data in the Health app, you can also answer a few simple questions about your sleeping habits, your stress level, your exercise routine, etc, that will help Deadline predict the day you’ll die more accurately.
The app uses algorithms used by insurance companies to calculate life expectancy. If there is a bit of actual science involved, it still appears to be highly unreliable.

The app is currently averaging 5 star reviews, with this hilarious review taking the crown:
As I said above, this is just a funny app that you might want to give a try.. 

Of course only god know when, where and how you will die, but this app will be funny for you..

Deadline is available in the App Store for $0.99.


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