Substrate Safe Mode Updated To Fix CPU Usage Issues

Substrate Safe mode has just received a new update which is version 0.9.5000. The update, which was pushed by Saurik just recently, fixes a fairly significant issue related to CPU usage. Substrate Safe Mode, the package that allows jailbreakers to safely boot into Safe Mode and remove uncooperative packages.

Safe Mode works similar to the Safe Mode on desktop machines, as it allows you to boot without loading certain extensions, allowing you to troubleshoot problem extensions. Have a look inside for more details.

The update, which takes users from version 0.9.4000 to 0.9.5000, fixes an iOS 8.x issue where the SpringBoard would consume 100% CPU while in Safe Mode. Obviously, that’s a pretty big problem, which can cause things like overheating, rapid battery drain and overall poor performance. Fortunately, not many people stay planted in Safe Mode for long periods of time, so the impact should have been minimal.

We recommend users to update the package right now for safety...


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