Steve Jobs Credited With 141 Patents After His Death

Steve Jobs the later CEO of Apple still winning patents, even after his death. The co-founder of Apple currently has 458 patents on his name, with 141 of them being credited to him after his death. In case you don't know, the first patent Steve Jobs won was in 1983 titled "Personal computer".

The most recent patent awarded under his name is the design of the iconic glass cube found in Apple’s Fifth Store Avenue in New York, Manhattan. While 458 patents under the name of a single person is nothing to scoff at, Florian Mueller, a patent consultant in Germany, says that this doesn’t “make him one of the greatest American inventors in history.” This is because most of the patents filed under his name are related to design than to innovation and technology.
Whether Steve Jobs was a great inventor depends on whether one is prepared to define the term extremely broadly,” says Mueller. “I’m convinced that if true American inventors like Edison, Bell, and Whitney looked upon Steve Jobs’s achievements and contributions, they would undoubtedly respect the man for what he’s done but they wouldn’t consider him one of their own.”
Tim Wasko, who developed the interface for Apple’s QuickTime player and the iPod, remembers that Jobs would give feedback on small details, and he’d often end up with a position on a patent. That’s what Wasko says happened when he came up with a concept for a button used on software called iDVD. The button shuts like an iris, giving you a chance to interrupt a process. “It looked pretty cool so he loved that,” says Wasko. “He had useful comments, suggestions, and it’s worthy of him being on the patent.”
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[Via MIT Technology Review]


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