Pangu Untether Tool Updated To 0.4 with fix for random app crashes on 32-bit devices

As we expected, Pangu team has just pushed out a new update for Pangu iOS 8-iOS 8.1 untethered package in Cydia store bringing it to version 0.4. The update includes a fix for random application crashes on 32-bit devices—iPod 5, iPhone 4s/5, iPad 2/3/4 and the original iPad mini—particularly with Safari.

The update follows version 0.3, which was released over the weekend to fix an overheating issue in jailbroken 32-bit devices. The update was pulled shortly after it hit, due to users reporting “mild to serious issues” with the package, but the issue was resolved and it was re-posted.

Even if you have a 64-bit device, or haven’t experienced any crash-related issues on your 32-bit device, it’s still recommended you update, as you [typically] want the latest version of Pangu. Be sure to save any work before you update, because the process does require a reboot.

As we said, OS X version will be coming soon, but you will have to wait some time...


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