iPhone 6 Is outselling iPhone 6 Plus by 3-to-1

It looks like that iPhone 6 is overcoming the iPhone 6 Plus in the past few months. The split between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus has gone down to 3:1, down from the original ratio of 6:1.

According to new data gathered by Mixpanel and Fiksu with tech analyst Ben Bajarin reporting a similar trend in China from the data gathered from Baidu.

One of the main reasons behind the smaller iPhone outselling its bigger sibling is the lack of stock of the latter. With supply for the new iPhones now increasing and the shipping estimates for both devices being only a few days apart, the big difference in sales between them also seems to have reduced.

Over the last month and half though, the iPhone 6 had a shipping time of 7-10 days, while the iPhone 6 Plus had a shipping estimate of 3 to 4 weeks from the Apple Store. However, it is very likely that the iPhone 6 Plus demand is still being hampered by the lack of physical stock of selected variants in Apple Stores in the United States.

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