How To Make Winterboard Themes Compatible With iOS 8

Most of you know that Winterboard, the popular theming tweak still didn't receive any update to support iOS 8 new jailbreak. However, if you're like me and have been waiting for a long time to enjoy your favourite Winterboard themes on iOS 8. Well, now there’s a way that you can get those outdated Winterboard themes compatible with iOS 8 and your device.

In order to go through this process, you'll need to download a few things on your computer and your iPhone.

Firstly, download the following tweaks from Cydia store on your device:

  • IconBundles
  • Apple File Conduit "2"
Download these programs onto your computer:
Once you’ve download and installed all of these, make sure that the Winterboard theme that you want to update has been downloaded onto your device and you can see it in Winterboard. Now you’re ready to start.
  • Plug in your device to your computer
  • Open iFunBox
  • Within iFunBox click on “Raw File System>Library>Themes”
  • Now you will be able to see all the Winterboard themes you have installed on your device. Now copy the folder(s) of the them you want and save them to your desktop (or wherever you’d like)
  • Once they are copied to your computer, Open Shattered Husky.
  • Click “Select Theme” and point it to the folder(s) (you can only convert 1 folder at a time) and click “Choose”
  • Click “Select Destination” and select a location that you want to save your newly converted Winterboard theme.
  • Click “Options” to decide what type of device you’re converting it to. Be sure to click “Mask themed icons” to mask your icons.
  • Then click “Convert”
This will convert all the files of the folder into compatible files for your iOS 8 device that you choose. If there is more than 1 folder, to be safe, just convert them all just like in the previous steps. Once you’ve converted all the files, then just copy all the newly converted files back into onto your device using iFunBox. Paste them into the same location that we took the original theme files from, which is “Raw File System>Library>Themes”.

Once your paste those files back into the that folder, you’ll see your newly converted theme on your device in Winterboard. Just tap on the new files to enable them and respring your device. 

If you can't follow our guide, you can watch iPhoneHacks video walkthrough:



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