High-def drone footage shows iSpaceship progress

Apple’s Campus 2 (aka iSpaceship), a 2.8 million square foot, ring-shaped future home to some 12,000 Apple employees, is going to complement Apple’s current Cupertino, California headquarters. Slated for completion by 2016, the massive project has been photographed from every angle and filmed from the air since Apple broke ground a year ago.

A new video has been uploaded by Myithz Productions on YouTube. The video has been shot at 1080p via DHI Phantom 2 Vision Plus and provides great insight about how work is progressing at the “greenest building on the planet.”

The video shows the on-going construction of the foundation of the building with temporary structures in place to presumably pour in concrete required to build the first level of parking. Compared to the last video that was posted back in September, the construction of the foundation of Apple Campus 2 seems to be progressing rapidly.

The Spaceship designed Apple Campus 2 is located near its existing Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino. The campus measures a staggeringly huge 2.8 million square feet with many amenities like a 100,000 square foot big fitness center and an underground parking lot that can hold nearly 2,400 vehicles.

The 4-story, eco-friendly structure is already $2 billion over budget so hopefully there won’t be new delays as 2016 deadline approaches. Apple said Campus 2 will file as the greenest corporate structure in the world.

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