HandyKey: Add a one-handed keyboard to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Are you one of those guys who find it difficult to type on the large screen iOS devices like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus ? Then probably you should check out a new tweak called HandyKey, this tweak brings the ability to add a one-handed keyboard for right-handed or left-handed iPhone users.

Users who use HandyKey have the option of forcing the iOS keyboard to always open to HandyKey when the keyboard is invoked, or a two-finger swipe gesture on the keyboard can be used to orientate it as needed. Have a look at our video inside for additional details and a hands-on demonstration.

With HandyKey you will be able to only use one hand to type and I can ensure you that the tweak allowed me to type on my iPhone more effectively with one hand. Even though I have big hands, it still takes a bit of concentrated effort for me to accurately reach the backspace key, or any other keys on the far right side of the keyboard. HandyKey eliminates that issue.

You can choose where the actual keyboard should be, you have three default modes (Full-Left-Right) and you must know that your iOS keyboard will look smaller.
NOTE: Just before getting too excited about this tweak, we need to tell you that HandyKey keyboard works only in portrait mode, and it also doesn't work on root apps like (iFile, Cydia, OpenSSH, etc..).

HandyKey is available for $0.99 and it can be grabbed from Cydia store via BigBoss repo...


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