Cool Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week [November 9 - November 15]

This week we've got for you a group of the best jailbreak tweaks that you can install on your iPhone right now. Right now we are going to make a quick review of the following tweaks: Dotter, Folder6Plus, NevaGonnaBuy, TransparentVolume8, UIRotation8, and LockSpeed.


This is a tweak that will allow you to change the use case of the “new” dots on your applications. So usually you’d get one of these dots on an application that you just installed/updated, but now you change those dots to mean something entirely different. You can select in the settings where you want those dots to show which applications are running in the background, or if you want the dots to replace notification badges on your icons.

If you are looking for anyway to add more apps icons to your iPhone's folders, then you probably should check out Folder6Plus jailbreak tweak. With Folder6Plus you’ll get 16 icons within your folder pages on a 4×4 grid. And with this tweak you can still have the icon labels and it won’t overlap like it did in betterFourbyFourFolders. It will also give you the 4×4 grid on the preview of the folder icon.

If you use iTunes Radio quite a bit, but never have the intention of purchasing a song through iTunes Radio, then you can install NevaGonnaBuy, which will remove the option to buy the song in the top right hand corner. No settings to configure in this tweak.

This simple and cool tweak allows you to set the transparency of the volume hud when using volume rockers on the side of your device. The volume hud can be pretty annoying when you’re watch a video or just doing daily task and it’s just in the way when you need to adjust the volume. After installing, jump into the settings and slide the slider for a less obtrusive and more transparent volume hud.

You may have some important or favourite people who you love calling them from time to another, right ? So you probably need to check out LockSpeed tweak which allows you to quickly call someone directly from the lock screen. It really requires no setup if you use your “Favorites” contact list. Once installed, on your lock screen, swipe to the left and you’ll be presented with the first 9 contacts on your favorites list. Then all you have to do is tap on that contacts face (if you have a picture assigned to the contact) or their initials to call them directly from the lock screen.
Finally you can check out iPhoneHacks video review for all the tweaks:



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