BlackBerry Asks you to trade up from your iPhone to BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry is a well known mobile company that its market value is less than one hundredth of Apple’s (AAPL passed $700 billion). The company wants iPhone users to switch to its newly releaed Passport phablet in a new Blackberry Trade-Up Program. The promotion is offering Apple customers up to $550 to trade in their iPhone 4s or higher towards the purchase of a BlackBerry Passport.

“Trade in your iPhone 6 to a Passport and BlackBerry will give you up to $400 in trade-in value, plus an extra $150 ‘top up’ for U.S. residents,” noted the firm in a blog post announcing the attractive bait.

According to a media release, a new iPhone 6 in good condition could be worth up to $400, with an additional $150 ($200 CAD) offered for Passport purchases from BlackBerry via a Visa Prepaid Card.

The holiday promotion will kick off on December 1 and run to February 13, 2015 in North America only. Current qualifying iPhone models include the iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, and 6. The promotional value is based upon the condition and model of the iPhone traded in, as well as its memory size and carrier.

The black Passport will set you back $499. The red and white editions can be pre-ordered now, priced at $699 and $599, respectively.

According to the official terms, new BlackBerry Passports must be purchased on or from or purchased from, shipped from and sold by after December 1, 2014 to qualify for the BlackBerry Passport Trade-Up program.

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