Apple Already testing upload functionality on iCloud Photos has always been a strong component to the cloud-storage option, but with iCloud Drive it is getting even more attention. And now Photos are getting the treatment on the website, too.

Apple has updated the beta version of to officially support photo uploads. The beta site is meant specifically for developers, but it would indicate that, at some point in the near future, Apple will be bringing the functionality to general consumers. As it stands right now, the iCloud website allows users to view and download/delete photos, but not upload them.

Upon logging in to with your developer account, you should see the new Upload option added to the toolbar at the top of the interface, like this.

Clicking the option brings up a file chooser allowing you to select one or more images in the JPG format. A handy upload progress indicator at the bottom of the page shows the progress of your image uploads.
As noted by MacRumors, the iCloud beta site will now let users upload .JPGs, but that’s about it. Which means no .PNGs, .MOV, .MP4 or other files. As one would expect, uploading a photo to the beta site will instantly sync that photo with the rest of the iCloud Photos library, so viewing it on another iCloud-based device will be easy.

So what do you think ? Do you even use iCloud ?

[via MacRumors]


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