Apple adds new data providers to enhance Maps business listings

In a continued effort to improve Apple Maps, Apple has partnered with ten new data providers. The company has been recommending users who are submitting their business data via its new Business Portal tool to contact one of the ten new companies for listing their business on Apple Maps.

The inquiry was in regards to submitting one of its clients with a few hundred locations to Apple Maps Connect. Apple replied, saying it’s currently only accepting submissions from businesses with 1,000+ locations, but it could reach out to several firms.

It then provided this list:

  • DAC Group
  • Factual
  • Location3 Media
  • Marquette Group
  • Neustar/Localeze
  • Placeable
  • PositionTech
  • SIM Partners
  • SinglePlatform
  • UBL
  • Yelp
  • Yext
  • Yodle
Thank you for your recent inquiry and interest in publishing your business locations via our new Business Portal. At this time, we are only accepting bulk submissions from businesses with at least 1,000 locations. 
 This list isn’t a complete representation of Apple’s partners, and even the full list in the email to inquiring businesses (which includes previously-known partners) doesn’t include every single one of Apple’s providers, but the above ten companies certainly appear to be brand new additions to the lineup.

[AMM via 9to5Mac]


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