App Store Downloads Reached 42% in October [Chart]

Following the release of iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, downloads of the top 200 App Store apps surged to over 7.8 million a day in October, reports Fiksu.

Fiksu's Analysis: October 2014
While recent indexes have shown steadily increasing costs, October presented an unexpected surge of another sort: volume. The full impact of Apple’s iPhone and iOS launches were felt this month as Fiksu’s Competitive Index, measuring the average aggregate daily download volume of the top 200 ranked iOS apps, surged 42 percent in October to 7.8 million daily downloads. Compared to September’s 5.5 million daily downloads (and the slightly lower 5.3 million in August), October was a record-high month, a trend that is only expected to continue into the holidays.

Fiksu also noted that costs for marketing an app increased this month. They report that iOS Cost Per Install (CPI) increased 21% to $1.46. However, iOS Cost Per Loyal User (CPLU) decreased slightly to $2.16. They believe the decrease is the result of users quickly redownloading their 'vital' apps during upgrades.

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