A Gold Apple Watch Could Cost Up To $5000 [Report]

Apple Watch is now becoming more popular and more usable by everyone, since Apple unveiled this smart watch and everyone is going crazy to get it as soon as possible. The watch is available with different variants, including one that rocks an 18k gold option. A new report has reportedly shed some light on just how much that particular model will run when it launches in 2015.

While the Cupertino firm has yet to reveal pricing for these Apple Watches, a new rumor shared by French blog iGen.fr [Google Translate] pegs the asking prices of the stainless steel model with a polished or black side at $500.

The pricing for Apple’s Watch has been something many individuals have speculated over ever since the wearable was first introduced in 2014. While Apple was more than pleased to announce the smartwatch will start at $349, it would seem the ceiling for the other, more prolific variants is quite high, as made evident by this newest report. Indeed, in mid-September another report surfaced that suggested the 18-karat gold Watch could retail for $1,200.
Apple has also already announced that the Watch will launch “sometime in 2015,” but the exact date is still a mystery. However, a report published on November 3, 2014, claims that the smartwatch will launch in the spring of 2015, which narrows the window a little bit, at least.

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