0.4 Untether Update For Pangu Coming Soon

It was a great and a surprising thing to see pangu team coming to us and provide a new jailbreak for iOS 8, especially after many people started losing hope to see a jailbreak for this new software. Since that day, we've seen too many updates and releases to fix bugs and address other lingering issues.

Many of you, though, are still waiting for an OS X version of the iOS 8 jailbreak. From the looks of things, the OS X jailbreak is still a little ways off. Pangu is currently working on a 0.4 release of its Windows tool, which will drop shortly after the 0.3 update was released to fix overheating issues in 32-bit devices.

Besides Safari issues, some users are reporting problems with rebooting. For those on 0.3 experiencing issues with reboot, the team states that this can be caused by a backup restore. Reboot loops can also be caused by incompatible tweaks, or other issues unrelated to the untether and/or Cydia.
However, it looks like that the OS X version is going to be late for awhile as the team currently focusing on more important things...


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