Whatsapp voice calling service delayed until next year

If you have been waiting for the voice calling service that WhatsApp said to be working on, we will be sad to tell you that this service delayed until next year. Citing a series of technical challenges, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum said during his presentation at the Code/Mobile conference this week that the VoIP calling service will make its debut in WhatsApp mobile apps in the first quarter of 2015.

He also mentioned that the team is still trying to figure out how the service will work in areas with poor data connection or in countries where 2G/EDGE network is still prominent and widely used.

WhatsApp currently enjoys more than 600 million monthly active users, but Koum is not concerned about monetization. The company apparently “has no real immediate plans to make money at WhatsApp” nor does it wish to bring advertising into its app down the road, Re/code noted.

The service generated only $10 million in revenue in 2013 based on user subscriptions. Its owner, Facebook, isn’t concerned either.


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