This Is How Popular apps will look like on Apple Watch

Last month, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch, one of the smartest watch that you could ever see in your life till now. The company showcased how some of the stock apps like Messages, Photos, Phone, etc.. would work on a smaller screen. Folks at Thinkapps have compiled a bunch of mockups created by designers, which give us a glimpse of how some of the popular apps will look on the Apple Watch.


The mockup of the YouTube app for Apple Watch shows a grid of circular thumbnails. Tapping on the thumbnail will play the video. You can tap on the screen to pause the video, which reveals YouTube’s iconic red play button, along with an option to like or dislike the video, and also see how many times the video has been viewed. You can also tap on the back arrow to go back to the grid view.

The designer told us that the Twitter app will give you a real-time update on the latest tweets. It also gives you an option to favorite and retweet, and also an option to follow or unfollow people straight from the Apple Watch.

Facebook Messenger

The designer of the Facebook app for Apple Watch notes that they had to get rid of the speech bubbles to conserve space, and display only text. They also use status icon as identifiers as you can see below.


The mockup shows how you can request a Uber using the Apple Watch.

The Skype app for Apple Watch design shows how someone could answer a call or reply to a message on Skype using the Apple watch.

Finally here's a list of apps that would support Apple Watch smaller screen and how they would look like on it:

So what do you think so far ?

[Thinkapps via 9to5Mac]


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