SleekCode: Add A Gorgeous Look To The Lock Screen Passcode Interface

We've seen different tweaks that focus on improving the look of Apple's iPhone lock screen. SleekCode is one of these tweaks that will improve the look of your iPhone's lock screen passcode interface by adding some cool features like the ability to alter the background of the blur, alpha, and passcode rings, along with hiding the emergency dial button and slide to unlock chevron.

I was fairly impressed with the look of the passcode screen after configuring SleekCode. Have a look at our video walkthrough for more information.

Once you install SleekCode, you’ll find a new preference panel in the stock Settings app. Inside the preferences, you’ll see 5 different switches assigned to specific settings along with a Respring button. Each switch can work independently of one another, and corresponds to the blur, alpha, and button ring mentioned at the outset.

Each change that you make to SleekCode’s switches requires a respring before the changes take place. Thankfully, that is easily accomplished due to the Respring button at the bottom of the tweak’s settings.

SleekCode is available for free at Cydia store, you can grab it from BigBoss repo. It also works great on iOS 8 ;)..


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