Siri vs. Google Now vs. Cortana [Virtual Assistant shootout]

Three years ago Apple launched its personal voice assistant Siri with the iPhone 4S, and since then, almost every major mobile OS maker has made their own virtual assistant. For example Google launched Google Now, Samsung launched S-Voice and most recently, Microsoft launched Cortana.

Right now, the folks at Stone Temple decided to make a detailed comparison video between Siri, Google Now and Cortana to see how they stack up when it comes to knowledge and their abilities to answer queries.

Here are their findings:
Google now was the best at showing “enhanced” results for queries. Enhanced results are results that contain snippets, images or other kinds of data that aim to answer your query without taking up much of your time. Siri came in second, with 29 percent of queries showing up enhanced results while Cortana came in last.

Google Now’s enhanced results were the best at successfully answering queries without the user having to go through additional links. Siri came in second and Cortana third.
So what do you think ?


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