Saurik Brings AFC2 Support To iOS 8

Today we would like to tell you that Saurik, father of Cydia has just pushed a new update for AFC packed called Apple File Conduit 2 to jailbroken iOS 8 users. The package, which is downloadable from Cydia right now, allows users to browse the entire iOS root file system when your device is connected to your computer via USB.

As Saurik explains, AFC stands for Apple File Conduit, and it is how apps like iTunes and iPhoto are able to read the media contents of an iOS device. Unfortunately, plain old AFC is in a jailed state, and will only allow you to browse certain files pertaining to media and the like. With AFC2, you get access to the whole kit and kaboodle.

From Saurik's blog:
…please understand that AFC2 is considered by many to be a security hole: you might not want to provide full USB filesystem access…due to security concerns, modern “jailbreaks” now avoid installing AFC2 by default.
Alternative AFC2 packages for iOS 7.1 solve this problem in a way that many in the core developer community feel crosses the bounds of what is legal.
This package does not have this issue: rather than redistributing software from Apple, this package downloads (and verifies, of course) the files as needed.
Unfortunately, this is arguably more “finicky” and might sometimes fail.
I thereby ask that any users who do run into installation issues (not that I expect any) appreciate the complex problem we have with this package.
So, in a nutshell, there are some things you’ll need to consider before using AFC2. I understand that there’s definitely a convenience factor of being able to plug your iPhone into your Mac, and being able to immediately browse and transfer files using apps like Macroplant’s iExplorer. But with the added convenience comes the matter of security concerns, so it’s best to maintain a balanced viewpoint of this ability.

Do you use AFC? Are you happy to see it supported in the iOS 8 jailbreak?


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