Ryan Petrich Pushes iOS 8 Updates For Activator, FlipSwitch and more

With the public announcement of pangu jailbreak for iOS 8, many developers started to update their tweaks to support iOS 8's new jailbreak. Ryan Petrich the well known developer who made many popular tweaks has just pushed new iOS 8 updates for Activator, FlipSwitch, AppList and more..

To install Activator for iOS 8, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 8.x. After that you will have to add Ryan Petrich repo by going to Cydia----> Sources--->Edit and type the following repo:
Once you add his repo, you’ll be able to download the iOS 8 versions of Activator, FlipSwitch, and AppList.

So have you downloaded Activator on your iPhone ? 


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