Pangu iOS 8.x Untethered Jailbreak Update Released To fix Cydia Substrate loading, iMessage bugs, and safari crashes

It's here guys ! Pangu team has just released an update to their untethered jailbreak tool. Users who are already jailbroken can venture into the Pangu app on the Home screen in order to update.

This new update version fixes Cydia substrate loading issue upon reboot. , iMessage picture sending, and Safari bugs. It’s advised that all jailbroken users update now.

Note: It’s recommended that you do not set a passcode on your jailbroken device due to boot loop issues that many are incurring. This issue is being worked on as well.

To update, launch the Pangu app, which should be located on your Home screen and tap the Manager tab at the bottom of the screen. There, under the update tab, you should see the Pangu 8.0-8.1.x Untether update. Tap the download (arrow) button to install the update.

After tapping the update button, the new untether .deb file will download, and you’ll be prompted to reboot your device to install the update untether.

The pangu tool still didn't receive update, but we believe it will be available very soon.


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