New In iOS 8: show space consumed by each artist and album in your music library

We've almost seen most of the new features and improvements Apple has made in iOS 8. But it looks like that there is one unnoticeable feature we didn't know about yet. A new feature in iOS 8 allows you to show the space consumed by each artist and albums installed in your iPhone's music library.

 In the previous versions of iOS 8, you were able only to delete music by artist, album and individual song from the Music app, you couldn’t see how much space each artist or album was taking up. With iOS 8, you can see this information by going to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Music.

The above picture show the size occupied by each artist/album on your iPhone.. You can tap on an artist to see their albums, and the space occupied by each of those albums.

What do you think guys ?

[via reddit]

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