New Facebook feature lets you log your safety status during a natural disaster

Probably you or a friend of you live in a danger region that always affected by natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunami, etc... So apart from your safety, Facebook has introduced a new feature called 'Safety status' which aims to make it easy to tell friends and family you’re safe during natural disaster.

This new feature simply analyse your location and determining that you’re in the affected area, Facebook offers you to tell the system that you’re okay to give your friends and family members a sense of your situation, said the Menlo Park-based social networking giant.

Facebook’s Safety Check will also send you notifications when someone checks in to say they’re safe, letting you stay up-to-the-minute in a situation where that is very important. If you are with friends or family when the natural disaster strikes, you can also check them in on their behalf, or let the Safety Check app (and your friends) know that you are not in the area.

You can also watch a quick video showing off the new feature below:

If you haven't updated Facebook yet, you can update it from the App Store for free..


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