Microsoft To launch Smartwatch In Next Few weeks, will work on across different mobile platforms

Well, after the huge release of Apple watch that comes with many great features especially in health section, it looks like that the huge window OS maker Microsoft is working on its own smartwatch and planning to launch it in the new few weeks, according to Reuters report.

The report also claims that Microsoft’s smartwatch will passively track the heart rate and work across different mobile plaforms.

Here's a brief from the report:
The wearable gadget’s battery life will exceed two days of regular use, Forbes reported, citing unnamed sources close to the project. It will arrive in stores soon after being unveiled in an effort to capture the holiday season, Forbes reported.
The report does not provide any other details. There have been rumors that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch with 1.5-inch display. It is not well-known but if Microsoft does end up launching a smartwatch, it won’t be the company’s first attempt to make an entry into the smartwatch market. Microsoft had launched the Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT) platform to personalize household electronics. According to Wikipedia, the SPOT technology “used MSN Direct network services, delivered across the United States and Canada based on FM radio broadcast signals in about 100 metropolitan areas.” Incidentally, smartwatches were the first SPOT-based devices that were introduced by watchmakers Fossil and Suuto in 2004. Tissot and Swatch also launched SPOT-based smartwatches, but they didn’t really take off. So Microsoft finally discontinued the service on January 1, 2012, due to reduced demand.

It is still unknown what Microsoft's smartwatch would look like, price, design.. many things still mysterious and we will keep you updated with anything new.

[via Reuters]


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