MasterCard Highlights Apple Pay in TV commercials

Apple Pay is one of the greatest features that exist in iOS 8.1 that allows you to use your iPhone as a wallet where you can make quick purchases using it. MasterCard is one of Apple's partners for Appel Pay, has begun airing tv commercials during last night’s Game 1 highlighting Apple’s mobile payments service, which became available at more than 220,000 locations in the United States with the release of iOS 8.1 this Monday.

“Fans who use their MasterCard with Apple Pay are enjoying priceless surprises, even at the World Series,” the voiceover can be heard saying. And what exactly might those “priceless surprises” be?

The commercials feature such names as former Yankees star Mariano Rivera, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda and Kansas City Royals’s George Brett.

Major League Baseball’s World Series just kicked off and MasterCard is an official MLB partner so you can bet that these commercials will be running everywhere.

What do you think ?

[MasterCard on YouTube]


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