Jony Ivy:Designing The Apple Watch Was Tougher Than The iPhone

Jony Ivy is one of the most popular guys working inside Apple. Jony told the audience at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art that designing the Apple Watch was tougher and harder than the iPhone.

Ive said that the wrist is the ideal place for “lightweight interactions” and “casual glancing.” He also said that “every bone in his body” believes that the upcoming Apple Watch will establish a new category of computing devices.
“As soon as something is worn, we have expectations of choice,” said Ive.
While the Apple Watch is capable of doing many things, there are many “cultural, historical implications and expectations” from it, which is why designing it has “been such a difficult and humbling program” for Ive.

Apple announced in September that it would release the Apple Watch to the public sometime early next year. The company had revealed back then that it would be offering the Watch in three flavours with the base version coming in at $349.

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