iOS 8 adoption slows, now tied with iOS 7 at 47%

In case you are interested about knowing how many Apple users are already running iOS 8 on their devices, you will probably need to check the following news.. According to Apple, iOS 8 is now installed on 47% of all compatible devices..

The company updated its App Store support page for developers, showing that iOS 8 adoption is tied with iOS 7 leaving just 6% of devices on older firmware.

This means that iOS 8 adoption has gone up just a single percentage point in the past two weeks, as Apple reported it installed on 46% of devices on September 21. It’s believed that the still-sluggish iOS 8 adoption rate may be due to the number of bugs that have plagued the software.

Users who have either updated to iOS 8 or purchased new iPhones with it preinstalled have complained about various issues, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bugs, and trouble with iCloud Drive. Apple tried to reconcile with iOS 8.0.1, but that ended up making things even worse.

Many iPhone users and I am one of them still on iOS 7 and they probably not going to upgrade their devices to iOS 8 due to the many unfixed bugs and the worries about losing their untethered jailbreak..

So what about you ? Are you on iOS 7 or iOS 8 ? 


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