How To Restore missing iCloud Contacts In iOS 8

Since Apple released iOS 8 to the public, we've faced different problems and maybe most of them is fixed by releasing the latest software update. The latest problem I've heard is about a mysterious case of missing iCloud contacts that would have apparently disappeared after updating to iOS 8.

In this post, I’ll share one simple tip to restore iCloud contacts that might have gone missing.

STEP 1: Make sure that you are already signed into your iCloud account. To make sure, go to Settings---> iCloud. If you’re not signed in, login with your Apple ID and password. If you’re already signed in, move on to step 2.

STEP 2: Still under Settings > iCloud, make sure that the Contacts toggle is on. If it’s not, turn it on. If your contacts still aren’t coming back, continue to step 3.

STEP 3: While you are in Settings-->iCloud, make sure to turn the contacts toggles off. . You will be asked whether you want to keep or delete previously synced iCloud contacts. Choose delete. Don’t worry about losing anything since it will only delete the contacts that are locally stored on your iPhone or iPad. It will not delete contacts that are stored in iCloud.

STEP 4: Now turn the contacts toggle back on.

You should now see all your iCloud contacts that were gone before..

I hope it works with you guys..

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