How To Play Super Nintendo Games on iOS 8 [No Jailbreak Required]

Great news for iOS 8 users who still don't have a jailbreak or else... It looks like that you will be able to play super nintendo entertainment system (SNES) emulator on your iPhone running on iOS 8.  Because Nintendo can't make millions of dollars by releasing their games to the App Store, people have turned to emulators for years. Since the iPhone was jailbreakable, it seems there was some way to play the old classics.

One of JailbreakCon organizers called @flawlessfox who sent us this tip, we tested the SNES emulator “SiOS” and can confirm it works quite well, especially on the iPhone 6 Plus. Step inside for quick step-by-step instructions and you will be enjoying your favorite SNES games in about 5 minutes time. Yes, you read it correctly, there is no jailbreak required.

How To Install SiOS SNES Emulator on your iPhone running on iOS 8

Installing SiOS emulator is very simple and it works on any devices running from iOS 6 to iOS 8..  You don't need iTunes or else to install and play the games.. Just follow these easy steps.

STEP 1: From your Safari browser or else, navigate to iEmulators, click “Apps” in the top tabs.

STEP 2: Now tap on "SiOS: A SNES emulator".

STEP 3: You will be prompted with information about the emulator. Scroll down and tap “Install.”
STEP 4:  Now you will be asked to install “ would like to install “SiOS,” choose “install.”

STEP 5: Now tap on the home button to return to the home screen.

STEP 6: An error message will appear stating “Unable to Download App: “SiOS” could not be downloaded at this time.” Tap “Retry.” During this process, the error message above may keep popping up. Always click “Retry.”

STEP 7: Navigate to Settings > General > Date & Time. During this process, the error message above may keep popping up. Always click “Retry.” Turn off “Set Automatically” and turn the date back at least two months. I chose May 26, 2014, just to be careful.

STEP 8: SiOS should now continue installation automatically, so wait a few minutes.

STEP 9: After SiOS is completely installed, find SNES ROMs from You can find ROM hosting sites with a simple Google search and we have left this part of the how-to out of the conversation for legal reasons.

STEP 10: Once the ROM is downloaded in mobile safari, simply “Open In” the SiOS emulator and enjoy!
NOTE: Now and you have successfully installed the emulator on your iPhone, please try to avoid rebooting or the emulator will be lost and you will have to re-do the above steps once again..


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