How To Jailbreak iOS 8 And Install Cydia The Easy Way

So finally pangu untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 8 received a new update that installs Cydia automatically without needing to install OpenSSH or else.. Now all what you have to do is download pangu tool latest updates and you will be able to install Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone so quickly and with the easy way..

You’ll still need a Windows machine, or at least a virtual Windows machine, but other than that, it’s as simple as simple gets. Inside, I’m going to show you how to jailbreak your iOS device and install Cydia from start to finish.

Note: Before proceeding into our guide, we recommend disabling both Find My iPhone and passcode before making anything, also restore your device to factory defaults as it gives you the best chance of Pangu succeeding. Finally you will a Windows machine for this tutorial..

STEP 1: Download Pangu tool from here and save it on your computer's desktop.

STEP 2: Make sure that you have installed iTunes latest versions, let iTunes recognize your iPhone.

STEP 3: Right click on Pangu and select Run as Administrator, and click Yes

STEP 4: Wait until Pangu recognizes your device, uncheck the box, and click the blue jailbreak button.

STEP 5: Now wait a few sec/min until pangu tool finishes completely (The blue status bar will go all the way to the end).

STEP 6: Launch Pangu on your iPhone’s Home screen, and install Cydia using the Cydia Installer link

STEP 7: Finally open Cydia store and let it configure itself and install any requested updates

That's it you are done ! Congratulations, you've successfully jailbroken and installed Cydia store on your iPhone..

Consider sharing this humble guide with your friends all around the world... Thanks guys.. 


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