How to install Cydia on iOS 8 [video]

Later yesterday, we showed you a complex way to install cydia manually on your jailbroken iPhone running on iOS 8/iOS 8.1. Of course we will not add a new steps, they will be the same, but the folks at iDB decided to make a video tutorial walkthrough that will guide you while installing Cydia manually.

Many users couldn't follow our guide, so we hope you can make it using iDB's video guide below:

I say it again, you can wait until Pangu team release a new update version of their tool which installs Cydia automatically without needing to follow complex steps that some of you guys can't handle with it.

STEP 1: Make sure to jailbreak your iPhone using pangu tool for iOS8

STEP 2: Install OpenSSH on your device from the Pangu app

STEP 3: Download and install CyberDuck SFTP client

STEP 4: Find your iOS device’s Wi-Fi IP address via Settings → Wi-Fi → ‘i‘

STEP 5: Launch CyberDuck and connect to your iOS device’s IP address

STEP 6: Download the needed Cydia files, and place them on your iOS device via CyberDuck.

STEP 7: While CyberDuck is open, click Go → Send Command and paste the following command and click Send:
dpkg –install cydia-lproj_1.1.12_iphoneos-arm.deb cydia_1.1.13_iphoneos-arm.deb
STEP 8: Click Go → Send Command again, and type restart and click Send. This will reboot your iOS device.

Once you reboot your device, you should see cydia icon installed on your iPhone's springboard, congratulations...

[Thanks iDB

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