How to install the Apple Watch UI concept on your iPhone

Yesterday we showed you a concept of Apple Watch UI running on the iPhone. And from the comments on our social pages, we can conclude that the response is mixed, some people like the idea and other reject it.

But what if this imaginative concept came to life ? Not to breathe like us, of course.. I mean what if you can really install Apple watch UI concept on your jailbroken iPhone and try the new performances ? Yeah, you can do it using a tweak called Apple Watch SpringBoard package 

So here's how to install it:

STEP 1: Open Cydia store and tap on the Source tab.

STEP 2: Tap Edit----> Add the following repo: Then tap add source.

STEP 3: Once the repo is installed, search for a tweak called Apple Watch Springboard package and install it on your device.

STEP 4: Launch the “WatchSpringboard” app (it should be an app with no app icon) and you’ll see the Apple Watch SpringBoard concept.

Keep in mind that the concept is just that—a concept. Hence, launching apps doesn’t actually work (it just launches a dummy app). Nevertheless, this provides some great insight into how an alternative UI like the Apple Watch UI would work on a large screen device.

So did you try the new concept on your iPhone and what is your first impression ?


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