How To Extract Any OS X App Icons [Video]

With the latest public release of OS X Yosemite, it is known that Apple always improve the user interface and add beautiful designed app icons. Sometimes you may just need to use app icons In some purposes as a feature image for our posts and so on...

Our friends from iDB made a nice and helpful video guide that will show you how to extract and copy the app icons from all of our favorites apps, and export them as standalone images. In the following video walkthrough,

How To Extract App Icons In OS X 

STEP 1: All what you have to do is to find the app you want to copy and if the app is on the dock, simple press ⌘+Click the app icon on the Dock, a new finder window will open to the exact location of the app, which will most likely be the /Applications folder.

STEP 2: Now right click on the app icon and choose 'Select info'. You can also use ⌘+I on your keyboard.

STEP 3: A new window should appear with the info of this app icon, at the right corner, click on the app icon and click Edit → Copy in the menu bar. You can also use ⌘+C to copy the image.

STEP 4: Open Preview, and click File → New From Clipboard in the menu bar. You can also use ⌘+N.

STEP 5: Now you can select from the many sizes of images extracted from the app’s icon. Click on the size that you’d like to use, and click File → Save, and choose your desired image format in the picker at the bottom of the screen. Give the image a new name, and click Save in the bottom right-hand corner.

I hope it works with you guys...



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