How to batch rename files in OS X Yosemite [Video]

So people who have downloaded and installed OS X Yosemite on their macs will probably know that there is new feature that allows you to use Finder and rename multiply files at once. Previously, such an ability required the usage of third-party utilities, but with OS X’s built-in batch renaming, this is no longer the case.

If you are a user who have many files and you need to rename as fast as possible, this is probably the best thing to do. Step inside as I walk you through the process of using batch renaming in OS X Yosemite via ultra-high-definition 4K video.

So how does it work ? Firstly you will have to batch rename a group of files, select the files you want to rename, right-click, and select Rename. You’ll then be presented with the batch rename interface. The interface features three main options: Replace Text, Add Text, and Format.

The first two options, Replace Text and Add Text, sound exactly like they work. You can quickly replace text contained within the file names, or append text to the beginning or the end of file names. It works beautifully.

The Format option is a bit more robust than the other two options. Format lets you rename the entire file, and is more appropriate when addressing groups of files with dissimilar names.

If you need more advanced renaming features, I can personally recommend Name Mangler 3. It’s deep, yet features an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn.

What do you think about this feature ?


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