Cydia Substrate updated fixing bugs with OpenSSH and other processes

With the release of iOS 8.x untethered jailbreak new update for pangu jailbreak tool, Saurik has just pushed out a new update for Cydia Substrate with version 0.9.5015. This new update fixes bugs with OpenSSH and other process..

Since OpenSSH is used by lots of jailbreakers as a means to communicate with their jailbroken devices and to transfer files. As expected, Saurik responded accordingly.

Again, it is recommended that all jailbreakers head over to Cydia and update as soon as possible. If you’ve yet to install the previous update, then the 0.9.5015 update will supersede it, and that’s what you will see in Cydia when you go to the Changes tab.

So what do you think ?


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