Camera+ Available For Free For The First Time

iPhone photographers probably heard about Camera+, one of the most popular editing pictures apps that most of you use it in these days. The beautiful thing is that the app is available for free for a limited time and it can be grabbed from Apple’s sleek Apple Store shopping application for the iPhone and iPad. The app original price is $2.99 and now you can save them as it is free of charge.

No matter if you’re only mildly into mobile photography or a seasoned photographer, you really shouldn’t miss out on this promotion because Camera+ has never gone free since its inception in August of 2011. Again, you can’t just follow the app’s iTunes URL to grab Camera+ for zero bucks because the offer is exclusive to users who have the Apple Store application installed on their devices.

How To Grab Camera+ For free 

STEP 1: Download Apple store application on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. it's free.

STEP 2: Now open the Apple Store app and hit the store tab along the bottom. Scroll halfway down to the Camera+ promotion and tap the link. A new screen will appear with app description. Now tap the green “Download now for free” button at the bottom.
STEP 3: Now you'll be taken to the App Store. Upon confirming your Apple ID password, the App Store will put up the Camera+ promo page. Tap the Redeem button in the upper right. If all goes well, your copy of Camera+ will begin downloading to your device.
Tip: Once the system has registered your free purchase, you’ll be able to re-download the app later and put it on your other devices through the Purchased tab in the App Store.

This limited-time offer expires on November 16, 2014 so you better hurry up and grab Camera+ for free before it’s too late. Note that only the iPhone/iPod touch edition of Camera+ is being offered for free. The legacy $4.99 Camera+ for iPad is still alive in the App Store as the team continues work on the all-new iPad build for iOS 8.

So have you downloaded Camera+ on your iPhone ?


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