Bank of America Will double charges for some customers using Apple Pay

There are many Apple partners who use Apple Pay feature like MasterCard, Visa and Bank of America is one of these partners. But it looks like that some customers who used Apple Pay feature face some problems and issues.

A report surfaced on Wednesday, October 22, two days after the public launch of Apple Pay, that some Bank of America members that had added their cards to Apple Pay were experiencing a major issue with double charges hitting their bank accounts after paying with the new mobile payments system. While it was mainly reports surfacing from users at first, the bank itself has come forward and confirmed to Re/code that there is indeed an issue.

Bank of America had a technical error that is causing the double charges to hit members’ accounts. As of now, the bank is working on a fix that it hopes to roll out soon.

The report goes further to say that the problem was not Apple’s in the slightest, but instead a miscommunication between Bank of America’s systems and an unnamed payment network. According to BofA, only about 1,000 transactions were hit with the double charge issue.

So did you face any problem with Bank of America ?

[via Re/code]


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