Ascend: Brings A Beautiful Look To Your iOS 7 Lock Screen

It has been a long time since we've seen any jailbreak tweaks that plays on your iPhone lock screen... Ascend is a newly released jailbreak tweak that promises to bring a gorgeous look to your iOS 7 lock screen adding great touches to it.

The tweak simply brings back the popular iOS 6 slide to unlock slider with an iOS 7-esque style along with a blurred background and top bar. Additionally, it gets rid of the round passcode buttons and replaces it with a flatter interface and a transparent background. The same applies to the notifications that appear on the Lock screen.

Once installing, go to the tweak settings preferences where you will find a disable/enable toggle as well as enabling or disabling the dark mode and use the original passcode interface that features round keys instead of the customized one that comes with the tweak. You’ll also find a slider that allows you to adjust the blur radius of the tweak’s elements.
Personally, I find the tweak’s design quite appealing and if I were to choose between Ascend and ClassicLockScreen, I’d go with the former. While the tweak works perfectly without any issues, the only problem I faced is that the ‘Emergency Call’ button on the passcode screen is unresponsive no matter how many times you press it. Other than this, the tweak provides a great experience.

In case you are interested about trying Ascend tweak on your iPhone, go to Cydia and you can purchase it for $1 from BigBoss repo...

Give it a try and let us know your opinion in our comment section below..

[via iDB]


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