Apple To Launch iOS 8.1 Alongside Apple Pay on October 20

According to a new report from Bank Innovation, Apple is planning to debut Apple pay on the third Monday of the month. The report adds that according to “multiple sources close to Apple, Apple pay mobile payment service is scheduled to launch on October 20, alongside iOS 8.1.
A couple of days ago, Apple released the first beta of iOS 8.1 to the developers which comes with many new features, bugs fixes and improvements, and hidden settings pertaining to Apple Pay were discovered within the firmware. Bank Innovation says it has learned that this code is there so Apple can test Apple Pay prior to launch.

Bank Innovation has been very active in reporting on Apple’s mobile payment service in recent months, and has been fairly accurate. That being said, the fact it calls October 20 a “current expected timetable,” means the date should be taken with a grain of salt.

For those who don't know Apple Pay, it is a new mobile payment service that allows iPhone owners to pay for goods and services both online and in physical stores using their handsets. The service has already garnered the support of major credit card issuers, financial institutions and retailers.


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