Apple Releases New tool to check if Activation Lock is activated via iCloud website

Activation lock is one of the most important features that Apple introduced in iOS 7, this security feature prevents anyone from erasing or activating your iPhone without entering your Apple ID and password, such feature is useful for those who have a lost or stolen device... Earlier today Apple has just released a new tool that automatically check if activation lock is activated or not via iCloud website.

Such feature must be disabled by the iPhone owner when he/she going to sell it to someone, so everyone must be careful that the device he is going to buy is already non-activated..

With the release of this new tool, Apple wants to make the process of checking for Activation Lock easier, and prevent people from buying a device that might have been locked because it was lost, stolen, or simply because the previous owner forgot remove the device from his account.

So how does it work ?

Firstly go to By going to, anyone can enter the IMEI or Serial Number of an iOS device to check its status. If the device is locked, a message clarifies that the current user’s Apple ID and password will be required before anyone else can activate and use the device.

While if you see that the Activation Lock is turned off, Apple gives you the green light, noting that the device is usable and ready to be set up.

This is a nice move from Apple to help its users from being fallen within tricks from some people..



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