Apple asks PCalc developer to remove calculator Notification Center widget

For those who don't know, after the huge release of iOS 8, developers were able to create widgets for their apps. One widget that caught our eye was PCalc, that let you quickly access a calculator widget. It looks like that the developer behind it will be forced to remove the widget as soon as possible.

The developer of PCalc, James Thomson, today received a message from Apple asking him to remove the widget from the app, as iOS widgets aren’t allowed to perform calculations. In a series of tweets, he said that he’ll try appealing this, but he suspects that the decision has been made high up, making it unlikely to be repealed. Apple has asked him to remove the widget in 2-3 weeks.

Although PCalc locates under the Notification Center widgets section of the “Great apps for iOS 8” page, Apple still want to be removed. 

A calculator seemed like a perfect example of a useful Notification Center widget, so it’s quite surprising that Apple has chosen to remove it. What’s even worse is that Apple made this decision after approving and featuring PCalc, which means that the efforts James put into designing and developing the widget have gone to waste.

So are you sad with such decision from Apple ?


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